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Friday June 2 to Sunday

June 4

2017 Haliburton Home &

Cottage Show

Haliburton Curling Club

730 Mountain Street,

Haliburton, ON

Friday:   4pm - 9pm

Saturday:   10am - 5pm

Sunday:   10am - 3pm


Check out our new Halfagon. Put two together and make a full Octagon.

Docks Decks Ramps Octagon/Halfagon Custom


Easy Frame Ramps come in all different shapes and sizes to accommodate virtually any situation where an incline or a decline in elevation is needed.

Instead of laying that homemade platform across to your dock this year, get an Easy Frame Ramp custom made to suit your needs and make future removal Easy.

Level access ramps are safe and easy with Easy Frame Ramps. Easy Frame Products will custom design a system that works for you.

Easy Frame Ramps HD - are construction grade ramps meant for outdoor footwear use. These Heave Duty Ramps are designed to support extra heavy loads.

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