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Friday March 16 to Sunday

March 18

10th Annual Kawartha

Lakes Spring Home &

Outdoor Show

Lindsay Fairgrounds:

Exhibition Building

Friday:   3pm to 8pm

Saturday:   9am to 5pm

Sunday:   10am to 3pm

Friday April 6 to Sunday

April 8

40th Annual Home Cottage

& Country Show

Evinrude Centre,

Peterborough, ON

Friday:   4pm - 9pm

Saturday:   10am - 5pm

Sunday:   10am - 4pm

Friday April 27 to Sunday

April 29

33rd Annual Kawartha

Lakes Country Living

Fenelon Falls Arena

& Community Centre

27 Veterans Way, Fenelon

Falls ON

Friday:   4pm - 8pm

Saturday:   10am - 6pm

Sunday:   10am - 3pm

Friday June 1 to Sunday

June 3

2018 Haliburton Home

& Cottage Show

Haliburton Curling Club

730 Mountain Street,

Haliburton, ON

Friday:   4pm - 9pm

Saturday:   10am - 5pm

Sunday:   10am - 3pm

Friday June 8 to Sunday

June 10

Port of Orillia Spring

Inwater Boat, Cottage

& Outdoor Show

Port of Orillia

Friday:   12pm - 8pm

Saturday:   10am - 7pm

Sunday:   10am - 6pm


It's been 4 years since EFP has had a price increase. Since each Easyframe is made up of approximately 97% aluminum witch has gone up by over 18%, EFP can no longer hold off on this increase.

2018 Spring & Show special $750.00 Down to $700.00

EasyFrameProducts(EFP) has been designing Frame systems for over 20 years.
Easy Frame Products: are the strongest, toughest, and most durable bolt together dock system on the market today! Stronger than most welded systems. You have our EASYFRAME Guarantee.
Easy Frame Products: are lightweight and fast to assemble. They are corrosion resistant and can be set up in many different configurations.
Easy Frame Products: come at a low purchase cost and have virtually no installation or maintenance costs.
Easy Frame Products: will not only improve your property visually but will also increase your property’s value!
What exactly does it mean to be green?
For a material or product to be considered green, it should have low impact on the environment and therefore favor environmentalism - the practice of protecting and conserving the natural environment and its resources. Aluminum is one such material.
  © 2013-2016 EFP. All Rights Reserved.

EasyFrame Guarantee

EFP (Easy Frame Products) guarantee their aluminum products for a prorated period of 10 years.

This guarantee applies under normal conditions and use of our products.

It does NOT cover against acts of God or misuse of product.

During the guarantee period, EFP will replace defective parts upon return to our factory in Scarborough, Ontario.

All shipping costs to be incurred by the customer.

This guarantee does not apply to improperly used or assembled products or accidental damage.

This guarantee shall be deemed void if non-approved products are attached to the structure.

Damage caused by factors beyond our control (weather, boats, etc.) are not covered.

Easy Frame Poduct Line